Web app that helps you manage VMI

Manage customers, end-users, update products, and get business insights to take the most out of our vendor managed inventory solution

What can you do there?

This is your back office where you can have an overview about it all:


Create user profiles, add NFC tags, give access to locations and so on.


Create as many separate virtual warehouses as needed with no limits.

Set optimal
inventory levels

Each product at each location can have MIN level and MOQ level.

Configure the

Determine which operations can be used from our application.

Get live
usage data

Get business intelligence to make better and optimal decisions.

Quick set up

Just follow these steps:

Create a new warehouse

Create it and name it

Add end-users

Create user profiles and add user data

Import product data

Import product names, barcodes and so on

Add inventory buffer levels

Every article must have an inventory buffer level and the MOQ

Check the report and start supplying

Our reports will calculate refill amounts for you

Why try Scanbro?

Quick implementation

Minimum 2 days, maximum 2 weeks

No upfront investments

Everything is subscription-based

Free trial program

Try Scanbro commitment free

Increase your competitive advantage
and provide your customers a quality service

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