In&Out Supplies Cabinet

    • NFC tag authorization
    • Integrated scanner
    • Integrated Android tablet
    • Expandable- 1, 2 or 4 door models
    • Adjustable – castors, additional shelves, colors
    • Adjustable shelf angles
    • Transparent door option
    • Max. carrying capacity of shelves is 60 kg

Standard module

    • Height1800 mm
    • Width1160 mm
    • Depth 360 mm

Extra module

    • Height1800 mm
    • Width 900 mm
    • Depth 360 mm

Maximum 4 lockers:

    • Height 780mm
    • Width 870 mm
    • Depth 330 mm

In&Out Custom Cabinet

    • All dimensions are custom
    • Select number of lockers
    • Select door type – counter-weight door or traditiona door
    • NFC tag authorization
    • Opportunity to integrate Android tablet for scanning and data entry
    • Adjustable – castors, additional shelves, LED lighting
    • Doors and walls can be transparent or non-transparent
    • All dimensions
    • Number of shelves
    • Door, wall and shlef materials
    • Number and type of lockers
    • Type of locks
    • Lighting
    • Additional accessories (electricity, pneumatic, tool holders, etc.)
    • Every door lock is programmable without PC
    • Access control up to 49 users
    • Use any 13,56 MHz NFC tag or card to open, ISO 14443 (Type A)
    • Door open alarm
    • Battery driven with 20 000 openings

Open Source Platform

Speed up the workflow and make it more convenient. Spend only seconds to take supplies, register an action, and create automatic accounting entries.
Authorize access to the lock with NFC chips. The chip acts as a cabinet door lock and In&Out identifies the person who opens it.
Create automatic accounting entries for all necessary expenses and cost allocations when a supply is consumed. Customize what information should be recorded.
Place the cabinet where the supplies will be consumed and minimize the standby time. Eliminate the time it takes for employees to locate supplies.
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