Your first whole VMI solution.
Acquire new customers, keep existing
ones, and grow your business

We make VMI affordable and profitable from day one, so you could serve the majority of your customers VMI way.

These companies already trust our VMI solution

Many suppliers struggle to keep their clients loyal

So we provide next generation VMI software and hardware solutions that turn changing customers into long-term profitable partners.

Boost your sales and use our
four-part solution to succeed with VMI

We help you cover all products in all business scenarios,
 while making business intelligence work for you.

Smart lockers


Versatile selection of smart lockers

Store your products in a safe and controlled location 24/7

Registration solutions


Register sales with a smart application

Use the app on your smartphone or connect it with a scanner

Inventory algorithms


Calculate optimal stock levels for all locations

No need to set optimal inventory levels at customers’ locations manually

API integrations


Integrate your business system to automate workflow

Scanbro uses OData v4 RESTful API so you could exchange data with us seamlessly

Avoid these standard VMI mistakes

And automate your supply chain with the majority of your customers.

Make profit from day one

No need to invest in heavy hardware because pricing is based on monthly rental subscription fees

Integrate systems with ease

No need for lengthy integrations and to manage the process manually, automate all transactions over API

Automate stock calculations

Rely less on forecasting, Scanbro algorithms help you calculate optimal stock levels for all clients

Deliver goods efficiently

Use 3PL providers for product deliveries since refilling is easy and let your sales team manage sales.

How it can affect your business?

You will have more
loyal customers

Customers will be more loyal thanks to an easy and automated purchase process.

You will have less administration

All transactions, from warehouse transactions, to invoice generations will be automated.

Your warehouse will
turn faster

And by faster, we mean, much faster. You can rely less on forecasting and make your decisions on actual consumption data.

You can increase
your cross sales

Customers are more likely to purchase new products from you and grow your revenue.

A case study you actually want to read

How is Alas-Kuul making over 15 inventory turns a year?
How they are beating competition by using VMI and selling goods on consignment?


We understand it is a big decision to start offering VMI. This is why we offer our new partners a no commitment free pilot.

Free Pilot

Pilot the solution with 1 to 3 customers, no IT resources needed.


Integrate data flow with your business system for a fully automated process.


Extend VMI solution to as many customers as desired.

Provide a quality service to your clients
and make VMI profitable next day

No commitments