Smart Inventory Handling

We are helping companies to manage their warehouses with only smartphones in their pockets

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Supported Operations

Advanced warehouse scanning solution with minimal investement

  • Receiving goods
  • Put-away
  • Dispatching goods
  • Packing
  • Cash sales
  • Ordering
  • Stock-taking
  • Moving goods between warehouses
  • Moving goods between warehouse addresses
  • Reserving
  • New item registration
  • Barcode registration
  • Picking (coming soon)

Our Tools

Choose the scanning device which is most appropriate to the nature of your work.  
Our application supports wearable and industrial scanners connected via Bluetooth.

Smartphone scanner

The registration device always in your pocket. The best choice for occasional registration needs.

Wearable scanner

Wearable scanner or finger-scanner is suited best for tasks that require hands-free operation.

Industrial scanner

Bluetooth scanner combined with tablet is a right choice for people who are doing hundreds of scans per day.

Access Control

Combine warehouse management with access control devices

  • Controlled access 24/7
  • Waterproof card reader
  • Works with any 9V – 12V lock
  • Dual frequency support: 13,56 MHz and 125 KHz cards
  • Full report of all warehouse operations and access events
  • Manage and authorize users via Scanbro web interface
  • Switch your traditional keys to smart keys!

Grow your business, not your administration