Welding Cabinet

Designed for welding consumables such as welding wires on pallets and electrodes.

What is it?

Scanbro welding cabinet is a 24/7 self scanning machine designed for all welding consumables such as welding wires and welding electrodes.

Scanbro multi-point data communication helps to generate automatic purchase orders to automate the supply chain and ensure the availability of goods at all times.

High value for money

With prices from 149 € / mo, it makes the solution valuable for both buyers and suppliers

Fast filling process

Thanks to easy filling process, it takes only around 5 minutes to fill up the machine

Remote support

Our remote support team can handle the majority of issues remotely from our headquarters

On-site support

Based on agreed SLA levels, our team of technicians will be there if needed

Technical Information

Key features

Module outer dimensions

Module inner dimensions

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Weight sensing cabinet

Coming soon