Use existing warehouse space to store VMI goods

ScanRoom provides 24/7 storage and product availability

Simply scan the products with Scanbro to prevent stock-outs and use usage statistics to optimise inventory and consumption.

ScanRoom starts from 49 EUR / month

How to set it up?

No long onboarding processes, we can digitalise warehouses in a few days

Install access control

Attach it to the wall next to warehouse door.

Install a tablet and scanner

Use Bluetooth scanner to register consumption.

Start scanning

Make cost allocation at the time of registration.

How the process works for the buyer?

We recommend dividing existing warehouse into VMI section and non-VMI section.


Show the RFID / NFC tag and open the warehouse door

Take the item

Find and choose the item you would like to use

Scan the item

Scan the item with a scanner or mobile application


Attach cost allocation and leave the warehouse

Key functionalities

Cost allocation

Allocate resources and expenses and send info directly to ERP.

Open platform

Connect the solution to as many buyers and suppliers if needed.

Access management

Give warehouse access to certain employees or employee groups.

Track consumption

Get a detailed overview about every user and every transaction.

Track empty sessions

Get notifications when doors are opened, but nothing is scanned.

Use app instead

Instead of a scanner, you can also use mobile app for scanning.

Technical Information

OpenRoom Package


ScanRoom hardware rental fee is 59 EUR / month

Increase your competitive advantage
and start serving your customers with VMI

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