Turn warehouses into self-service stores

Use our mobile scanner app to automate all future purchases and sales transactions. Hardware free.


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Why ScanRoom

Make procurement automatic with low effort

Transform your customer warehouse into a self-service store

✓ Automate your sales and manage purchases without the hassle

Provide a smartphone application to your customers

✓ Customers will download the Scanbro application from the app store
✓ And they are ready to start purchasing from your store by scanning the goods

Make it more affordable with an open-platform solution

✓ Share the costs with other distributors at the same location
✓ And reduce the monthly fee from 49 EUR / month to 29 EUR / month

Scan barcodes, recognize text, numbers, and NFC tags

✓ Many ways to recognize a product in your store
✓ Search for goods by their product code or description

Share extra benefits with your customers

 Your customers can
✓ make cost allocations from a smartphone
✓ set user-based accesses and rights
✓ use the application for tool tracking
✓ use the app as a scanning solution for WMS
✓ use the application as a WMS

What is the purpose?

Make customers loyal and purchases automatic

Make customers more loyal to your services

Have long-term agreements with your clients and make their future purchases convenient.

Increase your sales with existing customers

Customers will add new products to the assortment if the buying process is automated.

Win new customers

Increase your competitive advantage by providing goods on consignment.

Increase your inventory speed

Get live inventory data, stop forecasting and increase your inventory speed up to 300%.

Decrease manual sales administration

Connect with your ERP and automate sales administration-related operations.

How it works

Just follow five easy steps

01 Agree on product range and set reorder points

02 Agree on the delivery interval

03 Send the goods to your customer's warehouse

04 Ask your customer to use an application for scanning

05 Receive new purchase orders automatically

Scanbro helps to make customers loyal and grow your business. Ready to get started?