Three Ways to Scan

The handheld Bluetooth scanner combined with In&Out app is an efficient device for mobile warehouse- and sales staff who make hundreds of scans each day.
The wearable Bluetooth scanner combined with In&Out app is a convenient way to carry out inventory transactions in situations where the users need to work with their hands free.
In&Out app combined with mobile device camera scanning is excellent choice for everyone who needs to do a few business registrations a day.


A monthly service fee is charged for In&Out. The fee is based on the number of total monthly document lines recorded in the ERP system. A document line can contain many scan items (for example article, batch, location) and many data entries (for example work order number, cost allocation.)

There is a one-time fee for connecting the ERP system to the In&Out system. The amount charged depends on the ERP system. The following tasks will be performed during the interfacing:

  • Creation of a data exchange model
  • Creation of a client database in the In&Out server
  • Creation of a push or pull data exchange structure
  • Creation of user profiles
  • Testing
  • Configuration of control procedures
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