The most affordable VMI locker on the market

ScanLocker provides 24/7 storage and product availability

Scanbro system reorders items automatically to prevent stock-outs. It is like a self-service unmanned store which is located wherever needed.

Lockers start from 99 EUR / month

Key functionalities


Add new modules to store and sell more products.


Adjust shelf heights and angles to fit your products.

Custom colors

Adjust locker colors and add branding to match your style.

NFC access

Use existing NFC and RFID tags to access the locker.

Glass doors

Find your products from the distance to make process faster.

Led lights

Custom-coloured led lights will make the locker stand out.

How it works?

It takes around 12 seconds to take the product and confirm the transaction.

Identify with NFC

Access control with NFC or RFID.

Take the product

Choose a product from the shelf.

Scan the product

Use a scanner or a smartphone.


Make cost allocations if needed.

High value for money

With low monthly rental prices, it makes the solution profitable for both buyers and suppliers

Fast filling process

Thanks to easy filling process, it takes only around 10 minutes to fill up the machine

Remote support

Our remote support team can handle the majority of issues remotely from our headquarters

On-site support

Based on agreed SLA levels, our team of technicians will ready on site if needed

Technical Information

Main module

Additional module

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and start serving your customers with VMI

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