Industrial locker operated with your smartphone

Industrial hardware solutions don’t need to be expensive. Keep your goods available 24/7 in a smartphone-operated locker.


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Why ScanLocker

High return on investment

Industrial locker operated with a smartphone is more affordable

✓ use personal smartphone to operate the locker
✓ or keep dedicated smartphone inside the locker for everyone’s use

Plug and Play -
Low installation costs

✓ Simply plug in the locker, fill it with goods, and you are ready to go
✓ No long installation procedures

Share the operating fee with another distributor​

✓ Bring another distributor to the same location
✓ Reduce the monthly operating fee by 25%

Rent out excess space for additional revenue

✓ Don’t need so much locker space? Rent out the excess space to other distributors

Standard features

Designed for industrial settings

Modularity -
Increase capacity by connecting lockers

✓ Install multiple lockers next to each other as the business grows
✓ Add or remove modules whenever necessary

Adjust the shelves for optimal space usage

✓ Adjust the height and the angles of the shelves
✓ ScanLocker is suitable for goods in various shapes and sizes

Organize goods with container bins

✓ Keep the goods in barcoded bins to make the locker well organized
✓ Best compatible with Treston bins

Control access to goods

✓ Manage access rights of users and groups
✓ Determine the access rights door by door

Wireless charging for smartphones

✓ Wireless charging keeps the dedicated smartphone always ready
✓ Smartphone is stored inside the drawer to keep the smartphone protected

Adjust LED lights for better visibility

✓ LED lights make the products more visible
✓ Change colours of the lights to match your branding

Optional features

Suitable for demanding environments

Increase security with video control

✓ Install a CCTV and get extra protection and control over goods

Access the locker with smart cards

✓ Smart card reader works with both NFC and RFID technology
✓ Automatically logs in to the smartphone app

Refurbish the locker with little effort

✓ Changeable panels
✓ Changeable doors and shelves

Keep the locker clean with dust filters

✓ Changeable dust filters in the back panel

Customize the locker colour

✓ Choose your own locker colour to match your branding
✓ Minimum order quantities apply

How it works

Follow four easy steps

01 Log in to the app

and choose a door to open

02 Scan the products

and insert the quantities

03 Collect the products

and close the door

04 Store the phone

and start wireless charging (optional)

Technical Information

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