Pricing & Packages

This is our open price list and we believe in value-based pricing.


Billing based on a number of automated data lines*
From 33
00 €
Per month
  • Unlimited users
  • Power BI reports
  • Android application
  • Project manager by Scanbro


Monthly rental agreement including service and maintenance
From 49
00 €
Per month
  • Open platform
  • Remote support
  • Modular solutions
  • Project manager by Scanbro


Make your next stockcounting with a smartphone
FREE For first stocktaking
  • Unlimited users
  • Access to web portal
  • Access to In&Out app
  • Project manager by Scanbro

Pricing for the Supplier

Prices for Scanbro SaaS is invoiced and issued on a monthly basis. The monthly service fee is based on a number of sales transactions lines transferred to the ERP system.

PackageNumber of sales transaction lines per monthMonthly fee
S< 200 EUR
M20 - 9933 EUR
L100 - 29966 EUR
XL≥ 30099 EUR

Pricing for the Buyer

The price of the In&Out service until 1 000 scans is fixed with a monthly cost of 74 EUR. The cost of each additional scan is either 0,06 EUR or 0,12 EUR depending on the nature of the scan (see table below). The monthly fee does not depend on the number of users using the service.

PricingScans per monthPrice
Fixed monthly costUntil 1 000 scans74 EUR / month
Just scans*More than 1 000 scans0,06 EUR / scan
Scans and document creation**More than 1 000 scans0,12 EUR / scan

* When scanning, documents are not created in the client’s ERP system
** When scanning, agreed documents (e.g. cost allocation) are created in the client’s ERP system.
Example: Client scans 1 000 + 500 times, ERP documents are not created. Monthly cost = 74 + 30 EUR.

Hardware pricing

Prices for Scanbro hardware products are invoiced and issued on a monthly basis. Monthly rental fee for hardware includes remote service and support.

HardwareProductMonthly fee
ScanLocker2-door main module124 EUR
ScanLocker2-door additional module40 EUR
ScanRoomTablet & scanner49 EUR
ScanRoomTablet & scanner & access control59 EUR