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“Our clients register more than 100 000 sales transactions yearly with the Scanbro solution. We always have live data about our stock, so we always know what to replenish and there is no need to estimate.” 

CEO, Alas-Kuul


Lower your stock

Always have live inventory data at your hands and lower your overall stock. No need for estimations, just replenish what the Buyer has used.

Automate sales transactions

Get sales transactions transferred directly to your ERP system. Stop sending PDF invoices and let your sales team do sales.

Keep your stock safe

Hold your stock at Buyer’s site and choose the most suitable and safe option for that. Choose between our smart cabinets and smart shelves.

Register sales at clients’ premises

Increase your competitive advantage by keeping goods at your balance. Register the transaction only after the Buyer has used the goods.

Ditch your manual journals

Register the usage of goods by scanning supplies and spare parts, and send data to your ERP. No need for manual data entry anymore.

Record the purpose of actual usage

As soon as you have registered the usage of goods, register also the purpose of the usage.


Hold goods at smart cabinets

Keep your products safe and allow 24/7 access for the most important goods. Manage users rights by giving access to designated workers.

Share usage data

Share the usage data with your suppliers and get automatic replenishment. Agree on buffer levels and stop placing POs.

Get usage statistics

Improve your internal processes by getting detailed usage statistics at your fingertips. Reports are generated with Power BI.

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