Smartphone app that is fully configurable

You can have an app you can configure like you were using building blocks. Add or remove warehouse operations, manage users, allocate cost and share it to your ERP.

Register consumption

There are five ways to do it:


Supports majority of most used barcodes.

QR codes

Supports all types of conventional QR codes.

Text recognition

Recognises an item by scanning text or numbers.

NFC recognition

Recognises an item by scanning an NFC tag.

Data matrix codes

Supports DM codes, mostly used in healthcare.

Configure the application the way you need

Determine business operations, manage user rights, you name it.

Name warehouse transactions

Name the ones you need to use in your warehouse.

Make everything in your language

Name transactions in your language and wording.

Name metadata you want to register

Cost centres, projects, departments, equipment.

Add and manage user rights

Give permission to certain employee groups.

Download the application

We don’t charge based on the number of users.

Connect with your ERP

Generate automatic bookkeeping documents,  warehouse transactions and stop manual administration.

Available warehouse operations

Make these operations from your smartphone and send data to your ERP.

Why use our app in your warehouse?

Eliminate investments
into scanning gear

Use existing smartphones for warehouse operations and save money.

Automate transactions,
and reduce administration

Take the maximum out of the moment of registration and have less administration later. Attach works orders, cost centres from your phone.

Improve your warehouse visibility
and have a peace of mind

No commitments