Industrial Trading

Provide a new generation VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) or a consignment solution to your customers.

Suitable for industrial goods such as welding consumables, ball bearings, sealing, and all other components.

Three scanning solutions

Your customers can register consumption in three possible ways:

Smart cabinets

Provide smart cabinets to your customers to keep the goods safely at the production floor. All your customers need to do is to identify themselves, take the goods, and scan

Open warehouse

Suitable for scenarios where all goods don’t fit in the cabinets. Install a tablet and a scanner and the process works the same as with smart cabinets

Smartphone solution

Not all customers have the volumes to justify the need for hardware solutions. These customers can simply manage and scan the goods with their smartphones.

How it works?

With four simple steps, all parties receive the desired outcome:


The buyer scans the goods with the Scanbro application at the place of consumption

Data Transfer

The consumption data is transferred automatically to the supplier’s ERP system


The supplier replenishes stock based on agreed min and max inventory levels


The buyer pays for the goods before or after the consumption (depends on agreements)

Product categories

Orderfree Supply Chain works best with the following products (but not limited to):

Welding consumables

Ball bearings


Cutting tools




Polymers & Plastics



Your benefits

We believe the future is about connecting data and products:

Loyal customers

Your customers will be more loyal thanks to easy and automated purchase processes


Customers are more likely to purchase new products from you than from your competitors

Better stock management

You can stop forecasting and make your decisions on actual usage data and lower your safety stock

Less administration

Let your sales team concentrate on sales, not on unnecessary administration


No long onboarding processes, so you can focus on what matters:


Pilot with 1-3 customers, no integrations or IT resources needed, simply manage everything from our web portal


Integrate the data flow with your business system for fully automated replenishment reports and invoices


After system integrations, extend the solution to as many customers as desired, your customers can choose from 3 solutions


Transparency in all aspects, as well for pricing:


0 - 20 transactions / mo

0 €

20 - 99 transactions / mo

33 €

100 - 299 transactions / mo

66 €

Over 300 transactions / mo

99 €


Open warehouse / mo

from 49 €

Smart cabinets / mo

from 99 €

Cabinet installation

150 €