VMI that is built for suppliers
who are looking for a
competitive edge

Manage your VMI and consignment sales
in one solution and provide the quality service
your customers are looking for.

How the process works?

From the eyes of the supplier, you just need to follow six easy steps.

Agree on assortment

Agree with your buyer on the product range that will be distributed through VMI

Set initial quantities

Agree on the initial product quantities you should keep at your customer’s location

Deliver products

Deliver the goods and keep them either in smart lockers or in a controlled warehouse

Provide scanning options

Ask your customer to use our smartphone application or a bluetooth scanner

Automate ERP records

Connect your ERP with us and generate all documents and transactions automatically

Automate calculations

Our inventory algorithms will calculate optimal stock levels for every position separately

Four functions under one solution

API integrations

Integrate with your ERP and automate all transactions

Scanning solutions

Scan the goods via smartphone app or Bluetooth scanner

Smart lockers

Use the smart cabinets to store goods safely 24/7

Stock algorithms

Calculate the most optimal inventory for all goods

Product categories

VMI works best with the following product categories, but not limited to:

Welding consumables

Ball bearings


Cutting tools




Polymers & Plastics



Additional services
for Suppliers

Additional services
for Buyers

Provide a quality service to your clients
and make VMI profitable next day

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