jaanuar 31, 2019

Scanbro at Swedish Industrimässorna 2019

At Industrimässorna 2019, Scanbro will launch its products in the Swedish market for the first time ever. Industrimässorna is one of Sweden’s biggest trades shows focused on Industry and Supply Chains.

Here is what has been written about Scanbro in the trade show marketing material:

By offering innovative and fully digitalized VMI- and smartphone scanning solutions, Scanbro has made supply chains more efficient and saved its client companies thousands of Euros.

By utilizing the full potential of the technology of today, Scanbro has been able to develop a VMI system that has more advanced and cost-saving features than other VMI systems on the market.
Scanbro’s VMI-system includes smart cabinets for safe and efficient storage of supplier’s products, smartphone scanning applications, wearable scanning devices and Bluetooth scanning devices.
Because product consumption data is automatically and instantly transmitted into both the client’s and the supplier’s ERP-systems, manual order handling and accounting processes can be eliminated when using Scanbro’s VMI system.

The solution is also eco-friendly as it reduces waste in the supply chain and the need for high CO2 emergency shipments. With Scanbro’s system there is also no need for traveling replenishment/sales employees on behalf of the suppliers.

Scanbro will be in exhibit G26 (in the startup-area). Please stop by to visit us and learn more about how we can help make your Supply Chain even more efficient.