Let suppliers manage your stock,
and make purchases for
consumables automatic

The first open platform for VMI. Connect as many suppliers into one solution as needed.

These companies already purchase goods with Scanbro

Many producers struggle to keep their MRO inventories up-to-date

So we provide next generation VMI software and hardware solutions that refills the warehouse with optimal amounts itself and gives you the peace of mind.

Make your supply chain automatic
and never worry about your warehouse

We help you concentrate on your main tasks,
 so you could leave all the boring inventory stuff for Scanbro.



Versatile selection of smart lockers

Store your products in a safe and controlled location 24/7



Use existing warehouse space to store VMI goods

For products that don’t fit into smart lockers or there’s simply no need for them.

Registration app


Register consumption with a smart application

Use the app on your smartphone or connect it with a scanner

API integrations


Integrate your business system to automate workflow

Scanbro uses OData v4 RESTful API so you could exchange data with us seamlessly

How to get going?

Choose a supplier to test Scanbro and kickstart VMI implementation.

Store the

Store the goods inside ScanLocker, ScanRoom or anywhere else.


Register consumption with our smartphone app or with a scanner.

Share data
with suppliers

Share consumption and inventory data with your suppliers.

Set reordering

Set initial reordering points and stop placing purchase orders.

How it can affect your business?

Your people can focus
on their main tasks

Spend only seconds to take supplies
and to register an operation.

Your inventory levels
will be more optimal

Inventory is refilled based on reorder points which results in more optimal inventory levels.

You will have less
last minute orders

Thanks to better inventory management, you will have less last minute and rush orders.

You will have less
work stoppages

Thanks to supply chain automation, there will be less shortages of goods and therefore less work stoppages.

You can stop placing
purchase orders manually

Our automated VMI system will do it for you.


We understand it is a big decision to start purchasing via VMI.
This is why we offer our new partners a no commitment free pilot.

Free Pilot

Pilot the solution with a first supplier,
no IT resources needed.


Integrate data flow with your business system to allocate cost automatically.


Extend VMI solution to as many suppliers as desired.

Improve your warehouse visibility
and stop placing purchase orders manually

No commitments