Who is behind In&Out?

Our team has a mix of business experience and IT expertise. We provide a modern yet simple and user friendly solution for recording all your business transactions. Innovation and keeping our promises are important to us. Our coworkers are partners to us.

Juhan Klementi
Mobile- and web development expert. Before joining the In&Out team, Juhan gained experience working for another successful Estonian start-up, Ridagno (active in the transit solution space). Juhan’s fields of expertise include mobile, front- and back-end web development, data warehousing and creating procedures for app testing.


Christina Olander
Christina has 15+ years of experience from several professional fields including sales and IT Project Management. She has a Masters of Science in Strategic Corporate Management and 5+ years of work experience abroad. Christina truly appreciates the importance of tailoring each IT project to the specific customer, as well as its unique workforce and corporate culture.


Toomas Klementi
Lead developer of the In&Out server- and database solution. Toomas built his first IT system in 1979 and has not stopped since. He has extensive experience in all areas of IT systems. Toomas has led the implementation of several different ERP systems (Navision, Axpata, SAP Business One, etc.) in companies in various industries.


Paul Lumi
Entrepreneur and system architect of the In&Out solution. Paul has 15+ years of experience in the field of production and supply chain management. In 2001 Paul participated in the launch of Estonia’s first industrial supplies Vendor Managed Inventory project. He is also certified in Theory of Constraints Production and Supply Chain Management.


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