December 19, 2018

New Partnership in Sweden

Scanbro has signed a new partnership contract where Christina Olander will represent Scanbro and offer the In&Out products on the Swedish market.

Christina has 10+ years of experience in project management and project implementation within IT and Corporate Development. In her professional roles she has developed the skills to coordinate and oversee the implementation of new software tools and more efficient work processes. Tailoring the projects to each organization and work-group’s specific needs and requirements is a big part of a successful implementation and is something she is very experience in.

Christina writes:

I’m excited to work with Scanbro and the company’s products. As someone who has spent most of my working life making organizations more efficient, it is clear that Scanbro’s products add a lot of cost-savings and value to customers, and I’m looking forward to being part of it.

After careful review of the products and the team behind Scanbro, I’m honestly very impressed. The development team is extremely competent and experienced, not only in the field of VMI, but the creators have also built IT solutions for Warehouse Management, Accounting and other corporate functions. I believe the wide corporate IT experience is crucial for building a cross-functional integrated IT system.

I understand how important trust, honesty and accessibility are. Having spent many years implementing new IT solutions in companies, I know how these things go. Even if things run smoothly and without problems, it sometimes takes time for some of the users to learn the new ropes. Some users are not as comfortable using new technology as others and fear that they may lose the sense of control over their work that they are used to. In my view, the key to a smooth implementation and IT-partnership is that the users – all users – feel secure in knowing that there is always someone available to answer questions and help them get through any hurdles they may experience, even if they are very small hurdles.

My goal is to be the most accessible and approachable IT-supplier on the market. Any user can call me at any time; I’m always ready to help. Alright, I won’t be available every single second, sometimes I have to go skiing with my dog or take him for a hike in the mountains. But apart from those times, I’m at Scanbro’s customers’ disposal – with a smile on my face.