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Scanbro has developed an Orderfree Supply Chain automation software for companies to automate their sales, purchase and warehouse processes.

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Scanbro supply chain automation software is created to handle most complex registration scenarios with a wide variety of data. Four guided steps will turn your manual registration work into seamless digital process.

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Spend less time doing administrative work

We help you to get rid of keeping manually written journals, typing in data from papers, and keeping track of materials, supplies, spare parts and tools.

Free yourself from ordering goods

Why order goods manually? We believe goods and data can move along the supply chain without human order processing. Supply chain automation will do the job.

Eliminate investments to scanning gear

Smartphone in your pocket becomes the tool that can handle majority of daily business transactions.

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Send data to your business partners

Our Multi-Point Data Communication enables you to send necessary data to suppliers, service partners, and other business partners.

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