VMI Solution for Industrial Suppliers

The first all-in-one vendor managed inventory solution to increase your revenue and inventory turns

“With Scanbro, we have automated sales with 80 customers, and we are not only growing our sales, but have also increased our inventory speed 250%”

These companies already use Scanbro
Scanbro is connected to several ERP systems

Many suppliers struggle to keep their clients loyal

We provide next generation VMI software and hardware that turn changing customers into long-term profitable partners.

Which VMI challenges we can help you solve?

Cost of VMI solutions are high

Not all suppliers can afford existing VMI and vending machine solutions

Profitable from day one

We make VMI profitable for you from day one with little upfront investments

Limited variety of suitable goods

Existing solutions cover only a fraction of product categories

Multiple registration solutions

Your customers can use our applicaton, smart cabinets or open room solutions

Controlling inventory growth

Existing solutions are not helping to calculate optimal stock levels

Inventory algorithms

Our system calculates optimal stock levels for each product at each location

Registration options


Your customers can register consumption simply with a smartphone


Use our smart lockers to make goods available in a safe environment 24/7


Your customer can utilize existing warehouse with our smart access control

How Scanbro helps to keep your customers?

01 Supply goods on consignment

Offer customers to keep necessary supplies at their site on consignment terms.

02 Provide registration solutions

Provide your customers ScanApp, ScanLocker, or ScanRoom to register consumption.

03 Provide purchases automatically

Refill the consumed stock periodically and make transactions automatically in your ERP.

Why Scanbro?

Friendly to Budgets

With low initial investments, both software and hardware solutions are subscription based.

All-in-one Product

Scanbro is your all-in-one VMI solution. We have a versatile software backed by many hardware options.

Easy integrations

With API first approach, we connect with most ERP systems to generate transactions automatically.

Inventory algorithms

In most cases, VMI drives inventory high. We have clever algorithms that does the opposite.

A case study you
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How is Alas-Kuul making 15 inventory turns a year?
How they are beating competition by using VMI and selling goods on consignment?

Want to learn more?

01 Pricing

We believe in transparency, so you can check our open price list

02 Value calculators

We challenge our new partners to calculate the total cost of ownership

03 Hardware solutions

We have developed hardware solutions for several scenarios

Provide a quality service to your clients and make VMI profitable next day

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