Scanning Solutions

Bring a barcode scanning device in your pocket wherever you go – register business transactions with barcode scanning.

VMI Solutions

Store and sell products on your client’s premises – electronically, safely and hassle free.

More than Just a Scanning Solution

Register any business transaction via barcode scanning. Enjoy instant data registration that connects to any modern ERP system. Eliminate manual data entry tasks.
Send product demand data directly to your supplier at the moment the product is consumed. Save money and time by automating the replenishment process.
Customize user profiles for each warehouse, retail outlet or production site, or use the app in all departments of the organization.
Choose a set-up that corresponds to the work requirements of the users. Minimize the number of required screen-taps in order to increaste efficiency and operational performance.

The Installation Process


Plan for Data Registration

A data registration plan is created. The plan specifies which type of operations will be registered and what data should be collected. The documents that will be registered in the ERP system are also defined.


Software Interconnection

The In&Out app is connected to the ERP system using either a push or pull data transfer method. User profiles are also set up.


Expansion of the Solution

The system is expanded by connecting more suppliers, customers and employees. The more users, the more business advantages.


31 Jan 19
Scanbro at Swedish Industrimässorna 2019

At Industrimässorna 2019, Scanbro will launch its products in the Swedish market for the first time ever. Industrimässorna is one of Sweden’s biggest trades shows focused on Industry and Supply Chains. Here is what has been written about Scanbr...


22 Feb 19
What is Vendor Managed Inventory, VMI?

  Every year VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) is becoming more and more popular and widespread. However, VMI is not a new concept, it has been standard practice since the end of last century in some industries such as the automotive industry. In t...
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