Introducing Scanbro

Reinventing how industrial suppliers sell their goods

The first VMI solution designed for B2B industrial suppliers to increase and automate sales

“With Scanbro, we have automated sales with 80 customers, and we are not only increasing our sales,
but also increasing our inventory turnover”.
These companies already sell and purchase their goods with Scanbro
Scanbro is connected to several ERP systems

Consider our new generation VMI solution as your new sales tool

With higher customer loyalty and cross-selling potential you can beat competition. Provide a convenient purchase process to your customers.

What problems we are solving?

Total cost of ownership

The total cost within existing solutions is too high to make it a primary sales channel for distribution companies.

Subsription-based solution

We make the solution profitable from day one with low initial investments.

Limited application

Many solutions are limited to few product categories due to low number of sales and usage registration solutions.

Mobile application

We provide versatile registration scenarios with several hardware solutions.

Inventory turnover

VMI solutions are decreasing inventory turnover since there are no solutions to optimise stock in every inventory location.

AI inventory management

We calculate stock levels in every location separately to increase inventory turnover

Our sales registration solutions

Mobile application

The heart of Scanbro registration solutions. Your customers can use the application individually from their smartphones, or together with other hardware devices you can see on next slides.

Industrial cabinets

The most widely used hardware solution. Suitable for manufacturers working in several shifts to provide 24/7 and secure warehouse for the most important goods (spare parts and PPE).

Welding cabinet

Fits inside an entire EUR-pallet. Designed for welding consumables, such as welding wires which take up more space. There is also room for smaller consumables that fit on the shelves.

Office cabinet

For small parts and office supplies. Designed for industrial facilities, workshops, warehouses, hospitals, and pharmacies. Helps to maximise storage capacity in narrow spaces.

Open warehouse solution

A package of robust tablet and a bluetooth scanner that communicates with our software. Designed for scenarios where the goods don’t fit in the cabinets, or there is simply no need for additional hardware solutions.

How Scanbro helps you win new customers?

01 Supply goods on consignment

Make an offer your customers could not resist. Keep the goods until the consumption on your balance and win new customers.

02 Provide registration solutions

Provide smart cabinets, an open warehouse solution, or simply a smartphone app for your customers to register consumption.

03 Get purchases automatically

Make the life of your customers easy. Set optimal buffer levels, calculate next delivery amounts, and create an automated supply chain.

Why Scanbro?

Friendly to budgets

With low initial investments, both software and hardware solutions are subscription based. No sunk costs, so no risks in testing it out.

Whole product

Scanbro is your one-stop-shop for a VMI solution. Strong software backed by several hardware options to cover all business scenarios.

Easy integrations

With API first approach, we connect with many ERP systems to automatically update items and generate all desired ERP documents.

Stock management

In most cases, consignment solutions drive inventory levels high. We have the first built-in solution that actually reduces your inventory.

Easy logistics

Filling the cabinets is easy, so your customers can do it themselves. Use 3PL providers (not your sales team) to deliver goods and cut the costs.

A case study you
actually want to read

How Alas-Kuul has increased its inventory turnover 250% and are making 15 inventory turns a year?
And how they are beating competition by selling their goods via consignment?

Want to learn more?

01 Pricing

We believe in transparent communication, as well as an open price list. Open the link and check our subscription fees.

02 Value calculators

We challenge our new partners to calculate the total cost of ownership and compare it with other solutions on the market.

03 Hardware solutions

We have developed hardware solutions for several scenarios. Check out the cabinets for industrial, welding and office settings.

Ready to take your sales to the next level?